Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Scoffield Family (Christmas Eve Pie)

Me & My Sister in Law Caroline

My Mom & Baby Kendall

My Mama... (Isn't she beautiful!)

My Cousin D.J.'s son Morgan

Ace (He is growing up too fast)

They buried Rusty in the garbage can full or wrapping paper!

The whole family

Ausha & Cort

That is one sexy man! aka my husband!

Izack, Joni, Arlin and the side of my brother Jordons head!

Thanks Erin for having all of us at your house! It was such a fun night!


Alex and Kerri said...

Ausha and Cort are back together? Good for them!

A Place 2 Gather said...

Lora, that is a great post, glad you were able to put up some pictures.

Your family is so big! Isnt is great to be part of such a great family?

Joe and Raylene said...

Lora! You look so gorgeous!! Love the pictures!