Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Book of Mormon Challange

Ok Family and Friends,

Dan and I have decided that we wanted to read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year... I'm sure all of you remember the challange President Hinkley gave to the world back in the Oct/2005 general conference.

Dan and I did not participate in this challange, and I always felt kind of like I should have. I tried justifying the fact that we didn't. I mean give me a break Dan and I were planning our wedding, and did our best to justify that we didn't have "time."

Silly us...! One of my favorite quotes that I am sure Dan got from someone famous, but has taken it and made it his own is. "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions..." So often in my life I feel like I am paving my own road with "Good Intentions." Well not this time, I am bound and determined to finish the book of mormon this year...!

I would also like to extend this challange to all of my Friends and Family! I understand that we are approaching the busiest time of the year, but I think it is the perfect way to stay close to the gospel, and to help us remember the simple things in life that keep us grounded...!

I want you all to know that I do have a testimony of this Gospel, as simple as my testimony is. It is stong and I know that by reading the book of mormon it will only help it to grow.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

101 Things About Me

    How well do you know me? Would like like to learn a thing or two?

  1. My favorite color is green
  2. I would never leave my house with out my make up on (trust me, this is for the best.)
  3. I love to play softball.
  4. I once scalped myself when I was 7 with a drill (more about this story to come later.)

  5. Also when I was 7 my mom cut my hair into this awful mushroom/bob cut, to this day my cousin's still call me mushroom head.
  6. I just realized that age 7, was not a good year for me.
  7. My brothers are my hero's.
  8. Winter is my favorite season.
  9. I have my Grandpa Peterson's blue eyes. ( I'm very Lucky)
  10. I could eat pizza for every meal.
  11. I have a super sensitive sense of smell.
  12. I love lotions ( I have frequent flyer miles at bath & body works.)
  13. I prefer to be barefoot, but I do own 118 pairs of shoes ( Every time I announce this my dad rolls his eyes, I like to believe this is because he is proud..Right? )
  14. I hate seafood.
  15. I can't go through an entire day with out changing my clothes at least twice.
  16. I have to get my nails done, other wise I would bite them until they bleed.
  17. Sometimes late at night I crave noodles & butter.
  18. I love surprises.
  19. My husband is the greatest man alive.

  20. The car I drove in high school was a '93 Chevy Suburban, we called it the Burbie..
  21. I have had braces 3 times.
  22. When I eat meat it has to be burnt(That's how my mom made it.)
  23. I still sleep with a night light.
  24. I have to have at least 1 Pepsi a day. ( I know I'm addicted.)
  25. My birthmark on my back is white, when I'm sun burnt people think I have white paint on my back.
  26. My husband massage's my back every night ( I told you he was the greatest. )
  27. I have the cutest niece's and nephews ever.
  28. My heaven on earth is Lyman Lake.
  29. I love to go on road trips.
  30. Dan and I are saving to go on a cruise.
  31. (Almost) every Sunday, My Aunt & Uncle make us dinner. (otherwise we would starve)
  32. I love to play with/do hair... I'm game for anyone who will sit down and let me.
  33. I love to stay in bed all day with my hubby.

  34. I could watch the Disney channel all day.
  35. I am a morning person, but definitely not a night person..
  36. I admit, I am kind of bossy.
  37. Once ( I don't know how old I was) my cousin Brittany dared me to stick my finger in a metal fan, and I did.. Thanks cuz..
  38. I love to read.
  39. On a cold day, there is nothing better than a good movie and a cup of hot chocolate.
  40. My brother married my best friend from high school.
  41. I used to work for this amazing little burger joint called Big Burger World.(best food ever)
  42. My parents have always been my rock.
  43. One day I hope to be just like my mom.
  44. When ever I walk past something that will show my reflection, I have to look..
  45. I was home schooled(LOVED IT)
  46. I can sing Angels Among us in Sign Language.
  47. I love to speak in front of people/kind of have this center of attention thing going on.
  48. I truly believe in Angels
  49. I have a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  50. I love Cinnamon Candles( it reminds me of my parents house.)
  51. I often wonder if people look in the mirror before they left their house?
  52. I have a little brother on a mission in Africa.
  53. In high school my friends & I would go what we called "OLD FOLKIN" meaning we went to visit the old folks home.
  54. Dan broke my ankle when we had just started dating...
  55. I get severe migraines
  56. My favorite candy are sprees.

  57. I love to listen to FM 100
  58. I hate to drive!
  59. WARNING: I love to burp, my dad used to call me one of the boys.
  60. I already have some grey hair (AW HELP)
  61. I have to shave my legs and wash my hair at least once a day..
  62. I used to get embarrassed when my dad would tell my friends " I can't wait until tomorrow." and then go on to further say "Because I get better lookin every day."
  63. I would give anything to be a mother.
  64. I am in the primary presidency.
  65. I have a very close family.
  66. I live in a barn.
  67. I love to ride roller coasters.
  68. One day I hope to be a successful business woman.
  69. When I get ready in the morning, sometimes I will take a picture of myself to make sure that I look ok.. (This all trails back to me wondering if people look in the mirror before they leave their house. )
  70. Sometimes I talk too much..
  71. I once had a stocker.
  72. I have a very wild imagination.
  73. When I was a kid, my Grandpa Peterson used to take me out of school and we would go Ice Skating..

  74. I love the 4th of July.
  75. I was born in Layton, UT
  76. In December I will have been married for 3 years
  77. My favorite bed time snack is "air popped" popcorn, w/ M&M'S mixed in. and a nice bowl of Burnt almond fudge.
  78. I have always wanted to learn sign language.
  79. I love to scrapbook.
  80. I slept on my parents bedroom floor until I was 14
  81. Last year I got bi-focal's.
  82. I don't cry in front of people.
  83. When I was growning up, when ever I would be mad at my parents I would stomp my feet all the way up the stairs, and my mom would shout " Don't forget to slam your door." which in that case I couldn't slam the door.
  84. I only got my door taken off the hinges once.
  85. I love to throw dinner parties
  86. I can't wait for Christmas!
  87. I Love Chinese food, but I can't eat it because of all the MSG that it contains (refer back to # 55)
  88. I love going to home decor stores.
  89. My grandma Scoffield used to always tell me that she loved my liver. I would reply that I loved her bum scum.
  90. My tooth brush is red.
  91. When ever I see my Grandpa S. I kiss, blow, & rub his balding head for good luck.
  92. I taught Ace to do this same tradition on Grandpa S head.
  93. I rarely ever have to do house work. (Refer to # 19)
  94. My birthday is in Feb.
  95. I love to garden.
  96. One day I hope to buy a house.
  97. I would be ok living next door to my mom.
  98. I like to color in coloring books.
  99. I love to BBQ
  100. I have a sincere appreciation to everyone who has influenced my life.
  101. I believe that this life is what we make it.