Sunday, July 11, 2010

Breakfast, Parade & Puppy

We Got a new puppy "Paisley" and the kids LOVED her!
Dan is SUPER protective of her!
Baby Macy... Cutie!
J & D
Every 4th my Grandpa makes us breakfast, then we all walk to the parade...
Debbie & K
D, Pete & BI  (HAHAHA)
Cindy & Macy
My Uncle Doug! I am sure he is telling some kind of story!
D & Pete (Pete takes a while to warm up to you!)
J ( Look at that cute smile!)
I am IN LOVE with this picture!
The whole Gang!

This cow was terrifying!
D... (Love this kid)
Debbie & Pete
Walking home from the parade.

Dan & Rex

For Christmas I got Daniel a puppy! I just didn't realize that he would become such a BIG part of our lives! Dan LOVES this dog, and they do EVERYTHING together...

Rex is a HUGE dog, and still growing!

My husband is Smokin!
I Love this man, I seriously must have done something right in a previous life to have deserved him!

4th of July celebrations W/ the Mitchells

The Girls
Sahara, Gaylon, Mackenzie & Brylee
Sahara & Paisley
Dan's Uncle Gaylon was the source of the girls entertainment through the day!
Paisley got ALOT of attention!!!
Baby Alex
Keith & Mackenzie...
Mickie & Alex
Michelle & Brylee

We had so much fun with Daniels family this year for the 4th... We got so see several members of his family that I have only met once! It was nice to get to know them & spend time as a family!