Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ice Skating @ the Kaysville ponds

Growing up my grandpa used to take me ice skating all of the time, I would be sitting in class when over the loud speaker I would hear " Mrs or Mr(whoever my teacher was) we need Lora Peterson to bring her things with her and report to the office." When I would see my grandpa standing in the office, I would get so excited!!! Then he would ask, would you like to take the afternoon off and go ice skating... With zero hesitation I would of course say yes!
So yesterday when I listened to my voicemail and  heard my grandpa on the other end saying... "Lora, it's grandpa... I went over to the Kaysville ponds today, and they are just a smooth as glass. Do you think we can get a party down there tonight?"  I had no hesitation as I threw on SEVERAL layers of clothing and met my grandpa down at the ponds.

My grandpa holds a very special place in my heart! It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to spend the evening ice skating with him. It will be a memory I will always treasure!

 Can you believe he is 84 years old! He was using the shovel as a "walker" ...