Sunday, November 22, 2009

Playing with Edits

I have been playing with the Picasa 3 I downloaded on my computer! I have had so much fun! Editing photos and seeing such beautiful pictures of my family!

My Mom the last day in NYC. Isn't she beautiful!
My Aunt Debbie... She is such a wonderful friend! I don't know what I would do with out her?

BAM! My super hott sister in law! She looks AMAZING!

My Beautiful Grandma... Sitting on a park bench in Central Park..

Debbie & Abbey... Abbey just told me that I have a BIG BUTT!


My Cousin Natalie... She is a beauty, and a fun roomie!

My Beautiful Sis-in-law...


Me & My Mom!

My Neice Sahara

What a cute set of kids!


Heidi said...

Flippin cute pics!!! Love them!

Grammy Carrie said...

I really love the one of Grandma sitting on the Park bench in Central Park.. She is beautiful.. We could all learn a lot from her.. She looks so thoughtful and reflective. I am so glad she came with us.. Thanks for posting it