Monday, November 9, 2009

More Family Pictures

I thought I would add the rest of the pictures, most of them are of Dan and I... Some of these pictures make me fall in love with my amazing husband all over again...!

This picture is for my brother Frank, my entire life my brother would always call to me like I was a puppy! One year for Christmas I even got a "Dog Bowl". You would think I would be affended, but truth be told I know it is just a term of endearment.

This picture of Ace completely melts my heart! He is one of the cutest boys I know.

I know this pictures has a large mark on my face, but I love the embrace Dan has me in! I am completely in Love with him.. Let's face it, who isn't? he is practically perfect!


The Esplin Family said...

I love them lora!! You guys are so dang cute!! We miss you!

brandonandbecky said...

i LOVE your pictures. you look so pretty!!!!

Trissy-T said...

Cute family pictures! You guys are such a cute couple!98

Heidi said...

SO cute! You are SO pretty! I love the one where you two are kissing! You look super happy :)