Thursday, August 7, 2008

NeW bLoG

Hi Guys,
I'm assuming you can tell that I have started a new blog...! I was so frustrated with my other one... Everyone had darling stuff with theirs, and I wanted to join the club..!!! Hopefully this one will work out just a little better... Love Lora


Natalie said...


Hey I feel bad that I never really understood what it meant to be tagged. So, I just wanted to say that I was not ignoring you...I am just slow at all of this. Cute blog. I personally have not figured out how to get my laundry done, keep one house plant alive as well as my little brood of boys and have time left over to blog but I am the minority. One day...maybe...I am impressed by those that do make time to do so. You and Dan are sure great people and we have fun chatting with you each and every time we see you. Love,Natalie
P.S. I am still amazed that it will actually be possible to "plant" a tooth and have it grow in the not to distant future!! You taught me something new at Brian and Debbie's place.

Grammy Carrie said...

Hey... so where are the pictures on this here blog..??? I want to see tons.. just not of me... I want to see all the fun ones that we take of you and Mr. photogenic dan.... haha Love you... MOMMY

wrongfromheadtotoe said...

so excited that you are re-entering the blogging world! i agree with your mom...i want to see more pics!
love you sweetie!