Monday, October 20, 2008


The other morning I got this e-mail and I couldn't resist posting it! I hope Kelly doesnt hate me for it, but I hope she knows how thankful I am to have her for a Sister!

Thank you Kelly for everything you do for me... Love you!
I also wanted to post a pic of all my sisters... Love you guys

Hey Lora: I can not figure out how to post my comment on your blog. This is my next alternative email it to you and you can post it if you want to. I wanted to leave a memory comment since I have a ton of those HAHA don't worry I didn't say anything bad...... Yet! Just kidding this is what I wanted to write, look it over and post it under my name if you want to. I can't figure out how to do this but it is 11 at night and I am maybe not thinking clear?

I remember the first day I met Lora. Matt brought me over to meet his family and hang out. Lora instantly gave me a hug and invited me to come and play Baseball with them at the Layton Park with the rest of the Peterson's. I had only been in the house for like 3 minutes. I am not a big fan of playing baseball, but I went to watch anyway. We became immediate firends and it was like we had know each other forever. I remember always being at the Peterson houe in Clinton, It was a place I always felt welcome! Thank you Lora for this (oh yeah and your mom and dad too) I was there so much I felt like your sister already although Matt and I were not married yet. You went to your first High School dance (who knows who the guys was since you hadn't met your fabulous husband Dan yet) I remember taking pictures with the Camera after doing your hair for hours. I also remember all the tears I cried that night when he came to pick you up! I don't know why I was crying but I was and so was your mother! Thank you for always loving me and accepting me into your family. I know it must have been hard to let another girl into your family, you were used to being the only daughter and the only sister. You alwasy included me and you always do whatever you can to help me and I appreciate that more than I can ever say. I love you and your family and could not have asked for a better one! Thank you again for being MY SISTER!With love Kelly

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wrongfromheadtotoe said...

That is the best memory. I am so happy that you posted it. You are very nice to your brothers wives. They are lucky to have you! I would take you as my sister anyday! But I guess cousin will have to do.